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Centred around the caldera of Mt Warning and the scenic rim of the focal peaks, the Rainforest Way explores the landscape, lifestyle and diversity of the Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves (CERRA), World Heritage listed National Parks.


Located just south of Brisbane, this route criss-crosses the Queensland and New South Wales border. While it is close to the coast, just inland from Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, it offers a glimpse of the enchanting world of the hinterland forests.


The Rainforest Way is a touring route through the Northern Rivers Region of NSW and the Hinterland of South East Queensland. The main route links the towns Woodburn, Casino, Kyogle, Woodenbong, Rathdowney, Beaudesert, Tamborine and Nerang, then Murwillumbah, Nimbin, Lismore and returning to Woodburn. From this Primary Route there are seven loops and trails, each possessing their own character.


An Absolute “must do” of the Rainforest Way – the Tweed Range Scenic Drive ventures directly into the Border Ranges National Park.  Be amazed by the stunning diversity of plants and animals and breathtaking views on offer from The Pinnacle lookout, Blackbutts Lookout and along Brindle Creek.


Winding through the rural landscape at the foothills of the Great Dividing Range, the Mallanganee Link provides access to the World Heritage listed Cambridge Plateau in Richmond Range National Park as well as a link to Tooloom National Park.


The Lions Road was built as a Lions Club project to allow travellers to see the Border Ranges. This trail passes through the tick gates and over the Queensland and New South Wales border. Whilst constantly criss-crossing Running Creek and Grady’s Creek the trail offers views of the spectacular rail engineering feat of the Border Loop in addition to the amazing rainforest sights.


Beginning in Beaudesert and travelling as far west as Boonah and Killarney the Main Range loop provides tourists access to Main Range, Mt French and Mt Barney National Parks to name a few. Although it is one of the longest loops in the Rainforest Way portfolio the Main Range offers little time to rest your eyes with a prolifera of sights including the elaborate Teviot and Queen Mary Falls.


As its’ name would suggest the Mt Warning View Circuit takes the tourist around the base of the Mt Warning volcanic plug. In addition to highlighting the majesty of this magnificent spire, this loop offers views of other scenic rim features including The Pinnacle Nightcap National Park and Whian Whian State Forest, this loop showcases the magnificent Minyon, Protesters and Tuntable Falls. Travelling between these features tourists are recommended to stop in Nimbin - famous for the 70s’ Aquarius Festival and The Channon village to experience the rich alternative and artistic culture of the region.


More than just a way to the Rainforest, the Rainforest Way is a “way” of experiencing the region – a way of life, a way of seeing and a way of doing things. With something for everyone come along and do it your way …the Rainforest Way. 

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